1. I did not refrigerate the medication, can I still use it?

    If you have a stability question on any of our products Please contact us; 800-461-7449 Ext. 119.

  2. Is it okay to swallow the FIRST Mouthwash BLM?

    Patient specific instructions should always come from the prescribing physician. Please call your doctor and ask if he or she would recommend swallowing the medication.

  3. What is the recommended dosage?

    Please call the prescribing physician to clarify dosing instructions.

  4. Can I mix the medication with food or juice?

    Mixing the medication with anything may compromise the concentration of the medication. The Kit should be used as is.

  5. Can the Omeprazole/Lansoprazole/Vancomycin be administered via g tube?

    Although we do not have kit specific data on administration via g tube, it is appropriate and we have not been informed of any reports associated with use of this route of administration.

  6. Does the flavoring contain fruit?

    The FIRST®- Kits do not contain fruit, all flavoring is artificial.

  7. I spilled the diluent while compounding the kit; can you send me a bottle of diluent?

    CutisPharma does not provide separate components for any of the kits.

  8. Why is the insurance company stating my prescription is not FDA approved?

    FIRST Kits contain bulk ingredients (active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) and components) for human prescription drug compounding by pharmacies in accordance with 503A of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (FFDCA). Distribution of bulk ingredients intended for human prescription drug compounding – such as FIRST® Kits- is permissible, and the manufacture and distribution of such bulk ingredients does not require FDA’s premarket approval.

  9. Can I order the Kit directly from CutisPharma?

    FIRST Kits are only available through your wholesaler. CutisPharma does not drop ship or distribute directly to pharmacies or patients’.

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